Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Make Money with a Garage Sale This Month!

So, maybe you're REALLY strapped for cash. Or, having become one with your new frugalite ways, you DON'T want to pull out that credit card unless it's necessary. Trying to think up some new ways to scrape together a bit of cash?

Have a garage sale!

You could even have a friends & family sale where you get a few of your friends and/or family members in on the action - so that you have lots of goodies to sell! Just be sure to carefully label items with different colored labels - each person will be assigned a label color. And, when people pay, keep track of who bought what so at the end of the day the money can be divvied up correctly among everyone. :)

I've heard of people making anywhere from $300-$1000 or more in a day or two! Watch upcoming weather reports and plan to have the sale on a nice weekend - if it turns ugly, you can always host it in your garage OR push it ahead a week.

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