Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Frugal Shopping - Find Great Bargains in Bargain Bins

An even BETTER way to save money shopping than using coupons? Keep an eye open in your local supermarkets for bargain bins! They might be items stacked in a grocery cart, or maybe there's a clearance section. Some of these items can have their prices slashed by up to 80% or even more! Definitely worth the effort to find these goodies...

And as always, remember: It's only a bargain if you really NEEDED the item in the first place!

Frugal Tips - Track Every Penny You Spend

Frugal tip of the day:

Tracking what you spend gives you a starting point to work with when developing a new budget. If you don't know how you spend your money, how will you possibly know where to improve?

At the local dollar store you can get a packet of mini notebooks for a buck - I just got a package of five of them. I keep one in my purse at all times and write down whenever I spend (literally) a penny! Then, at the end of the week, see where your money went, and how you can improve.

Also, knowing that you have to write down your purchases in a book makes you more aware AND more accountable. That $5.00 latte looked delish when you saw it at the coffee shop, but you might feel sort of silly about it later on when you spent a fiver and have nothing to show for it.