Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Grocery Budgeting - Save Money on Groceries - Make Meat Stretch Farther

Meat is one of the priciest items on your weekly grocery shopping list. So, make it stretch farther by using smaller amounts of it - or having at least a few meals a week without meat at all! You can substitute lentils or beans instead, which are a healthy source of protein without saturated fats.

To stretch your meat further, try these options:

  • Buy one piece of meat, and cut it into small pieces for use in casserole, stir fries or other dishes
  • Have smaller portions of meat, and make sure to fill your plate up with healthy veggies and whole grains such as whole grain pastas or brown rice
  • Ground meats such as chicken or beef are excellent in soups, stews, casseroles and other main dishes.
  • Add substance to a smaller amount of ground meat by adding cooked lentils. They're really tasty, and when added to beef they just seem 'meaty'!

Make Extra Income - Finding a Part-time Job to Fit Your Life

Sometimes a frugal life just isn't enough, and you need to find a part-time job to supplement the family's income. Here are a few ideas to get you motivated to try!

  1. Look around your neighborhood. Make a list of shops, offices, etc where you would like to work. I think it always helps to hit THESE places first - the types of spots where you'd really like to work.
  2. Once armed with a list of possibilities, make some phone calls from home. You might end up with a couple of options - and talking to someone and making a good first impression (even over the phone!) can really help you off to a right start.
  3. Do up a professional looking resume. Look online for examples of good resumes, and make sure yours is up to par. A poor resume really does leave a bad first impression. Take that resume in to the places you've contacted!
  4. If there's nothing near home (and for frugalites - a job near home just makes sense - you can save LOADS of money on transportation costs) widen out your search and follow the same tips as above.
  5. If you still haven't found anything ideal, be sure to ask your friends and family members if they've seen any Help Wanted signs and then contact those places.

Sometimes it helps to start with a list of your interests, and see if you can find a part-time job you'd really enjoy. One you love is one you'll stick with! And, of course the extra paycheck will be a huge help in these economically-crunched times.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Vinegar - a Healthier, Cheaper Alternative to Fabric Softener

Plain old white vinegar - I love the stuff! It is useful dozens of ways around the home to clean, disinfect...and today's use is to soften clothes.

Use about 1/2 cup of plain white vinegar in the washer - just the regular wash cycle. Works great, and is a more natural and frugal option for softer clothes with less static cling.

More healthy, frugal cleaning tips - and easy to make homemade cleaning formulas all at: