Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Seaside Haircare Secret - Frugal Hair Care

An interesting, ultra frugal tip to get those seaside, sea swept tresses many of us love! Even if you're thousands of miles from the seaside, use this easy tip to get wavy hair easily and naturally.

Just pour about a teaspoon or so of table salt into a spray bottle, and then fill with cool tap water. Shake well to dissolve salt entirely into the water. Spray hair with this mixture. The saltiness of the water will work to add waves and body to your hair - just like what happens when you're lounging on the beach! time you're AT the beach, remember to grab a handful of wet sand to scrub your feet. It's a natural foot scrub that will leave your tootsies feeling soft and healthy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Frugal Beauty - Cheap Skin Toner

Witch hazel! There, I went and spilled the beauty beans, right at the get go. Witch hazel is a beautiful, natural skin toner (it's extracted from the witch hazel plant). And it's cheap into the bargain. A bottle can cost a buck or two and last a year or more. Just pour some on a cotton ball, and rub along your skin after cleansing. You'll be amazed to see it does just as good a job as pricey skin toners - for less.

And that's what we frugalites love - more for less.