Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Frugal Fun - Host a 'Swap' Night with Friends (Jewelry, Pantry Swap, etc)

Need some fun new jewelry or accessories? Or, do you feel the urge to go shopping and load up on new makeup and beauty supplies, but your wallet is telling you otherwise?

Why not have a Swap Night with friends? You can choose the theme:

  • Pantry Swap - swap products that you don't really need for ones you do
  • Beauty Swap - hair care products, skincare products, perfume, etc
  • Fashion Swap - Clothing that you no longer wear (or maybe that no longer fits properly) can be swapped for brand new to you clothes! (You can also swap shoes that you no longer wear, jewelry and/or accessories like belts and scarves.)
  • Kids' Clothes and Toys Swap - Children's clothing and toys are a great theme for a swap night! You'll save a ton of money, and so will your friends.

Have everyone bring a refreshment, and your frugal swap night will be a lot of fun for a very few pennies. And, this is also recycling at its very best!

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