Friday, December 28, 2007

Frugal Fun and Entertainment - Free Books

Free books, you ask? Why, yes! If you're a true bookworm like yours truly, then you'll love these tips on getting books for FREE (or very inexpensively.)

  • Join a book swap - there are a few of them online, such as Paperbackswap. You just join up and pay postage to swap books! A great idea.
  • Create your own book swap by swapping your used books with friends. Get a few friends in on the action and you'll be surprised by how much reading you'll do for free.
  • Check out boxes of books at estate sales, garage sales and yard sales. They're often incredibly reasonable - let's say 25 cents each - or else near the end of the day the vendors will often sell for less, or even give away books for free. Just so they don't have to stash the remainders of their sale!
  • Take your used books to a used book store. You'll get credit (or even cash) for your books, which you can use in turn to get more books!

Any more ideas on cheap books? Post a comment!

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