Thursday, May 24, 2007

Frugality Tips - Write down everything you spend

You'll be shocked by how much money you're actually spending. Know how it feels when you look into your (empty) wallet, and wonder where that 20 went? The only cure is to invest in a cheapo notebook and start writing down EVERYTHING - and I do mean every single cent - that you spend.

After a week or so, look back and chart out where your hard earned money is really going. Make one goal a week to cut back. For instance - those super pricey Starbucks creations on the way to work everyday could be costing you $5.00 a day. Instead, try splurging on a latte once a week, as a real treat. Save the rest of the money and after only a couple of months you'll have a few extra hundred dollars! Not bad for a few coffee drinks...

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