Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Make Money Tips - Find a Need and Then Fill It

When you're trying to get your debt under control - or just trying to save more money - you might often also think of ways to EARN extra money. But, where can you start?

  1. Do your research! Find a need in your community, and then fill it. It could be something like a petsitting service, or a service to visit lonely seniors.
  2. Online, it IS possible to make money. But, don't get caught up in get rich quick schemes, which will only leave your wallet emptier than ever before. Selling on eBay is one possibility to earn some extra cash by getting rid of clutter around your home. Read some stories of REAL people who are earning a living on eBay - these stories, by the way, are FREE. Their tips are inspiring and can help you make a go of an eBay career.
  3. Ask around - when you come up with an idea, ask your family and friends if it's something they think might work.

Finding a real work at home job is possible, but only if you're willing to take some time and thoroughly research your options. Have fun!

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