Thursday, July 21, 2011

Frugal Beauty and Make-Up: Natural (and Cheap!) Skin Toners

The other day on the Kitchen Crafts 'n' More newsletter/blog ( I shared some secrets of using rosewater or witch hazel as natural, inexpensive skin toners. Skin toners are a lovely way to freshen up your skin after you've thoroughly cleansed it with a gentle cleanser or gentle soap. Best of all, both can be purchased at the pharmacy for around a dollar or two. Now THAT is even in a Frugalite's budget.

But, even natural aloe squeezed directly from an aloe plant is another natural skin toner. You can just squeeze out a bit onto a cotton ball or on clean fingers, and rub along skin. It makes your skin feel lovely, and it's SUPER natural as it came right from the plant. Aloe plants are great to have around, anyway -- as the aloe vera is very soothing to irritated or slightly burnt skin. I received one plant from a lady about a year ago and it's growing like crazy!

* Remember, especially if you have sensitive skin - always test a small inconspicuous area with the skin treatment first - ideally on the inside of your elbow. Even if something is relatively natural, it doesn't mean that you might not be allergic or sensitive to it.

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