Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Money Maker - Sell Your Unused and Old Clothing at Consignment Shops

Here's another excellent way to make money, from things around your home that you're not even using right now. Raid your closets! (And that of all your family members!) All of those unused pieces of clothing can really make you a great bundle of money, if you do a little research first.

Consignment stores can earn you a substantial amount of money, but first you need to find the right consignment shops in your area, for the types of clothing that you have. Some specialize in vintage clothing, others in high end brand names, and still others in children's consignment clothes. Also call ahead first and find out if that particular consignment store accepts out of season clothing. Some only accept the appropriate clothing for that season - for example, sweaters and heavy winter coats in wintertime.

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