Sunday, February 04, 2007

Savings Tips - Have a New Attitude toward Saving Money

Ask most people if they save enough of the money they make in a savings account (or investments) and they look sort of sheepish and admit that they don't.

By adopting a new attitude about saving money, you'll find that your savings account balance will grow.

Instead of thinking of saving money as an OPTION, think of it as just another bill that you pay. So, when you get a paycheck, put a specified amount directly into your savings account. Let's say 15%. (The amount you can realistically afford is up to you.) Put it right into your savings account and then FORGET ABOUT IT, just as you would do with a bill you had just paid.

If you had paid a bill, you would know that money was no longer yours. Think of your savings account in the same way - that the money is no longer yours, and that it's out of your hands. Of course, it IS still your money, but adopting this kind of thinking will help you save a lot more - and KEEP a lot more of your savings in the savings account where they belong.

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